Friday, February 3, 2012

friday fixations

{kinos} For 99 cents, this might be one app worth getting.

{alt summit blogs} I've already been reading some of these up and coming blogs, but I see there are a lot more to peruse! Maybe you'd like to check them out, too? (I've been adding new blogs to my reader like a crazy person lately!)

{crepe works} Always a lurker, finally an eater. And then, after one bite, I realized that if it were legally possible, I'd marry the #13 crepe from Crepe Works at WEM (that's nutella, banana, and toasted coconut). I realize it's my first Crepe Works crepe, but sometimes you just know and it feels right. It's gonna be my new eat joint at the mall (sorry, bubble tea! You weren't really an "eat" thing anyway, even though we both know I viewed you that way). Next on my list: making a crepe at home! Maybe I'll try this recipe.

{a jersey accent} So I've been watching the Next Great Baker a lot because it's ridiculous and cheesy and dumb and I sometimes wonder where he finds people who actually want to work with him and make ridiculous cakes that always have to look like something other than cake (which is a trend I wish would crawl up into a hole and die already). But! The other night, he was naming his top two and his bottom two in stage one of his crazy dumb challenges. Of the bottom two, he felt it necessary to name the "loser loser" and off we went into hilarious gags involving who or what would be the loozah loozah today or "blech! This cheese is the loozah loozah." So, I have to ask, are youze tha loozah loozah or dah winnah winnah?

{curls without heat} I wonder if this method would work on my hair... but even if it doesn't, I love how it looks with all of her hair tucked into the headband. So pretty!

{kristen bell} I've finally found an accurate description for the levels of my emotions. This video is too cute. (And can Kristen be my new best friend?)

{sun reflections} During the day, me and budgie (or Hermes if you'd like) go downstairs for breakfast brunch and it's usually at that moment, when the light is streaming in through the windows in the living room. So while I'm waiting for my water to boil (for tea) I pick up my iPod to play a little Words with Friends (I like that game very much), and the sun reflects off of it and on to the wall by budgie (because he has a little table where he sits). And this makes him go absolutely crazy. If you've seen those videos of cats chasing laser pointers (and I know you have because you're here, on the internet, too), then just apply that zeal to a budgie and you've just about got it. Maybe I'll take a video one of these days. He about breaks his neck off trying to follow it around the room.

 {february desktop wallpapers} Because I couldn't figure out a good wallpaper (i.e. I didn't have any acceptable-enough photos), I couldn't put together a wallpaper for you this month. To make up for that, here are the wallpapers I've saved and have put on rotation this month: love like whoa, pinkish purple sea, repeating hearts (I really like this one), heart bunting, and pink coral.


Laeli said...

I always drool past that crepe place too. I'm almost afraid to try one now, I love that bubble tea place!
My hubs makes crepes on a regular basis,they're yummy. I love the savoury kind best. I think they make the best dinner. Very elegant.

That hair idea is pretty cool!

GALaxy said...

Lael: It's true! They're so good, I find myself thinking of them often. It was probably a bad idea to eat one! Have you tried the barley germ bubble tea? It tastes like a cookie! The hair idea doesn't quite work with my hair yet cuz it's too short and thick. Once it grows out, I should have better luck!

Davin said...

Thanks for linking to my desktop wallpaper! I'm definitely in good company too, those other wallpapers are adorable.