Monday, March 19, 2012

spring seeds

I was trying to come up with some Easter gift ideas for the Greek parents, but this year, I didn't really want to do the standard candy, bunnies, and chicks. I've done that already and how many stuffed bunnies do people really need, anyway? So since Greek mom likes to garden, I thought it might be nice to send some of my favourite seeds and create more of a spring package instead of one that's specifically for Easter.

I've also been chatting away with a Greek cousin and with the economy in Greece being what it is, I thought it might be nice to send her a little care/happiness/spring package, too. I thought she'd like to have some seeds so that's when I decided to split my seed packets to share between the parents and our cousin.


Making a new seed envelope really couldn't be easier. All you need is some wax paper and a sewing machine.

First, I opened a purchased seed packet and unfolded it very carefully so I'd have a template. It's exactly how I used old envelopes to make templates for different papers here. I didn't want to sew three sides of the package, so I turned it on its side and made them close horizontally instead of vertically as they are usually sold. Wax paper folds really easily, so all you have to do is fold along the lines and sew up the sides! Done.

sweet pea

I tried to match the thread to the colour of flower, but that's not really necessary and it can be kind of a pain since I had to wind four different bobbins and then rethread the sewing machine for each packet. But if you're into that, have at it!


To close the top flap, I used a sticker that I printed myself. I did a quick internet search and found simple line drawings for each of the flowers. I wanted to make the stickers circular, but my stupid printer didn't print properly so I had to go with square. If I had my way, I would still have them be circular. It would have contrasted better with the rectangular packet.

Now because these are going to the Greek parents, I chose to label the seeds with a picture of the flower because they can't read english so anything more would be lost on them. I'll definitely explain more to them in a letter but all of these seeds have the same basic requirements so it's not really too big of an issue not to have planting instructions. We all know about sunflowers, right? Right.

However, you could easily print out a label that has the name of the flower instead of a picture of the flower, too. Whatever floats your boat.

mixed poppies

Finally, if your seeds are really tiny or if they come in a foil packet, leave them in the foil. The poppy seeds above are mine from when I lived on the farm (I sure hope they sprout!) but they're a little too small and rolly to just stick into the wax paper envelope. I made my own little foil packet by carefully pouring the tiny seeds onto a square of aluminum foil and folding it up.

I really like the idea of sharing seeds. Every time you look out and see that flower growing, you'll think of that friend who gave the seeds to you. Besides, I've always thought that seed packs in the store have way more seeds than are really needed, so why not share them instead of sticking them in a drawer to be forgotten about next year?


danielle and dinosaur toes said...

oh wow, this is such a neat idea, and your pictures are so pretty! i think this is one of those gifts that will mean a lot because it's obvious that a lot of thought went into this!

Stephanie {Clockwork Lemon} said...

Those turned out so so pretty! What a great idea