Wednesday, May 30, 2012

DIY: crocheted rag rug part 3

Changing colour by attaching a new piece of sheet yarn couldn't be easier!

Simply line up the edge of the sheet you were crocheting with, with the edge of the new sheet.

Then grab that needle and thread I told you to get (here), and join the two pieces with a quick stitch.

I use a blanket stitch, but you can use whatever stitch you feel most comfortable with.

I don't really knot it much more than just going through with the needle a couple of extra times at the beginning and the end of the stitch. I haven't found that they come apart, and I have put a smaller round through the washing machine a couple of times already.

Finally, continue on crocheting as if the new piece of sheet is part of the old piece. Go around as many times as you like with that colour and change again if you desire.

Next week will be the end of this series when I tell you how I finish up a rug.

If you need a refresher or if you missed them, read part one and two.


amanda said...

About how many sheets do you use for an average, maybe 5x3, rug? I guess it depends on what size sheet too.

GALaxy said...

Yes, it's a little hard to judge that because of the differing sheet sizes, for sure. It's also hard because I won't use a whole sheet for one rug; I use a bunch of sheets to make one (for the different colours). To give you a better idea (hopefully) for my first rug making endeavors, I purchased 16 sheets (12 doubles and 4 singles) and from those, I was able to make 7 rugs (the largest at 5x3; the smallest at 3x2). That being said, I still have a few small balls of sheet yarn left and one whole sheet still left unripped. I know it's not the *greatest* answer, but it's the best I can figure! I hope it helps!