Monday, May 14, 2012

the gem and mineral show

This weekend, we went to the Edmonton gem and mineral show. I thought it would be a good way to get my Drumheller fix without actually having to drive all the way to Drumheller. But it kinda backfired on me cuz now I want to go to Drumheller even more.

We were kind of disappointed at how few Canadian gems and minerals were there. Stones were also really expensive and overly processed.  I had hoped to find a bit of ammolite (an Alberta gemstone), but pieces smaller than my pinky finger were way too expensive for me and besides, I wished they had been polished just a touch to bring out the colour but not so much to make them look fake. I'm not a big fan of stones that are polished, pierced with holes, or grinded into unnatural shapes (like the bin of rock skulls we saw). And a lot of the jewelry had out-dated settings so we didn't get anything except a piece of fossilized coral.

We like things weird.

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danielle and dinosaur toes said...

ugh, yeah, i hate the super polished and shaped stones that don't really even look like stones any more. that piece of coral you got though is really gorgeous!

i went to this gem & mineral show last may (and i may go to it again in two weeks) that did have some really beautiful stones, and some of the prices weren't too bad, but i guess there will always be the rock skulls and amethyst hearts because some people are just drawn to everything gaudy!