Friday, May 18, 2012

friday fixations

{feathers} Whenever Hermes loses a larger feather, I can't just throw it away. They're so pretty that I keep them around, stuck into plant pots. Last weekend, we repotted all of my inside plants, so all of Hermes' feathers ended up in one pot. I kinda like it. Do any of you with birds do this too?

{tulips} I know I talk a big game about cutting flowers for inside the house, but in reality, I have a really hard time doing it especially when the plant is flowering for the first time. But the other day, I thought, Why should the neighbours get to enjoy looking at my tulips? So I cut a bunch of them and I carry the vase around with me throughout the house. They smell so good and they're so pretty! I absolutely can't wait until more flowers start blooming!

{cauliflower} I used to hate this vegetable, but after having it as a substitute for mashed potatoes, I'm a convert. It's easy to do. Just steam a whole head, cut the core out, mash or puree it, then mix in your usual mash potato mix ins like some butter, mayo, salt and pepper (and some bacon if you've got it), and enjoy. It's so so good (and super filling)!

{silly cats} He wanted in pretty badly, but he had the wrong house. (Please take note of his legs! He just plopped himself down like that.)

{frozen poptarts} I shouldn't be eating these, but they're so good. I find this works especially well with the fruits and s'mores tarts. The s'mores is especially good. Chewy marshmallow is the best!

{pergolas} I'm so sick of walking into every store and seeing another dreadful metal gazebo covered with a dull beige tarp. They all look the same no matter what store you go to. There's really no choice in selection unless you're counting price. Pergolas, on the other hand are so simple. And since they're made from natural wood, they can be painted a bright colour (if you're so inclined) or allowed to weather which makes so much more sense to me than a gazebo. Plus you can ditch the boring beige tarp and buy some speedy growing climbing plants and let them go to town instead.

{light ice cream coloured nail polishes} I made a special trip to get these, I'm that obsessed with them. From left to right: Pointe, Orange Sorbet, Latte, Petal, and Sweet Mignon (aside from the orange, these are all really light barely-there polishes. I'm kind of done with the overworked manicures that are popular these days).

{this guy}

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