Friday, May 4, 2012

friday fixations

{modern diy supplies} I'm head over heels for these super modern paint-by-number kits! And that fabulous duct tape! When is Target coming to Edmonton already?! I can hardly wait!

{domino quick fixes} I was obsessed with finding this magazine when I heard about it. Fortunately, I know someone who works at Chapters, so I had them pick it up for me the minute it arrived. Now that I've had a chance to look through it, I'm slightly disappointed. It's kind of a rerun of features that were in the original magazines with only a few new tips and pics. The reruns are still pretty great though. Kinda classic. I still liked the garden layout, and I enjoyed their feature on of-the-moment paint colours. But I'll be honest with you, for $12 CDN... I would say don't worry too much if you wanted one but couldn't find it. There's another coming in September which I hope will have newer content.

{sally's cereal} The minute I saw these at Walmart, I fell in love with the packaging! Have I ever mentioned what a total and complete packaging whore I am? Put something in a cute box and I'm sold! I haven't actually tasted it, but I know where I'll be going for my next cereal craving.

{prickly pear cactus} We were driving around the neighbourhood the other day, and I spotted some cactus growing out from under someone's fence. I have to remember where that was, drive myself back over there, then casually walk by and dig a couple plants up. I want these in my yard real bad. (Have fun in my garden after that, neighbour cat and bunnies -- who have sampled almost every plant I've got in the front yard.)

{kris atomic peony print} This is totally me 100% of the time.

{lamb's ears} I can't believe how much my little lamb's ears have grown since last year! I started with one really sad looking clearance plant that I split into four individual plants and now each of those plants has grown into a nice fat mound of fluffy soft leaves (that picture is ONE plant). It's only May so I might be getting ahead of myself, but I really think they're going to be huge by the end of the summer. I think I'll have to split them again!

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Laura @ A Closet Full of Clothes... said...

If you don't want to wait for Target, you can probably find printed duct tape at you local Staples. I gave my husband zebra-print and fluorescent pink duct tape for Christmas :) I am not sure he was too impressed!