Saturday, March 20, 2010

also I want *Cheryl's hair

Omg I love this shower! This paired with a clawfoot tub is like my dream bathroom! I had no idea they even made such a thing! The only thing I've ever wanted in a home is a perfect bathroom (and kitchen, ok, let's get honest here). Oh sigh. Some day.
(found via GingiberSnap)

Also, the Home & Garden Show is coming up this week! I plan on going Friday which feels so far away but that's only because my level of excitement is super high! Colin & Justin are going to be there! I watch Home Heist every day. I'd give my left arm to have them come and redo my kitchen and bathroom. Anyway, I went to the Home & Garden Show a couple years ago when I didn't have a home and garden but was renting a shitty basement apartment and even then, it was pretty fantastic and swoon-worthy. This year, I can actually look at what they have for kitchen and bathroom renovations and garden stuff without dreaming since it's those renovations that are at the top of my list for our home right now. Eee!

*Cheryl is Colin & Justin's project manager. She's super great, too.

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