Friday, March 12, 2010

green velvet

I don't wanna say Bakerella stole this idea from me. It's not like she can magically read my mind or anything. But I did think of this idea a little while ago and thought it perfect for St. Patrick's day. I am kinda glad she posted it first, though, because I was really wondering whether the green would turn out like it did in my mind. Apparently it does, and that takes a load off my shoulders because I plan on making these magnificent things (this time with cream cheese frosting) for Idle Husband's work team the day before St. Patty's.

(FYI: I'm going to use the red velvet cake recipe I used last year for Valentine's Day. And having never had red velvet cake before that point, I just have to say that that recipe is so delicious I ate all the cupcakes myself. Yes, I did. Except for prolly about 4 of them. I'm not proud of it, but that's the truth. Anyway, that recipe came from Design*Sponge.)

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