Friday, March 19, 2010


I went to Superstore earlier this morning cuz it's almost like with the spring weather, all the other douchebags have suddenly started getting up earlier and even though leaving at 9 usually puts me in a better traffic situation, I've noticed maneuvering the cart around the store without having to politely smile or say sorry a buncha times is getting fewer and far between.

So I went at 8. As suspected, the traffic wasn't so great, but I had a great store experience. I don't know. I never liked Superstore before because the way they arrange products is just so confusing to me. Am I the only one who's noticed this? Canned vegetables in one aisle, canned tomatoes in another, like fuck. Just put them all in one aisle. They're all canned vegetables. Cheese on one end of the store, specialty cheeses on another. They're all cheese. Lump them together. Why do you make me scour the store for one stupid thing? Maybe I'm the only one, who knows. So for an enjoyable Superstore experience I need to be able to have the time to roam. I've already put it in my head that it's going to take me longer to find items I don't buy every week, so I'm in the mindset that things are going to take a little longer and that's ok. What else have I got on my plate today, anyway?

Pretty much 99% of the time, I get to a till when there's no one else there and the cashier is just waiting around for someone; the other 1%, I get there and someone's just finishing up with their groceries. Paying or bagging. That was today.

I get to a till where the woman is just paying, and I've unloaded all my stuff by the time I realize that her credit card's been declined. So she tries, like, 5 other cards. All declined. I'm totally not kidding, but she seriously says, "Maybe if I sign it better?" Yeah. If you sign your card better, it'll automatically be accepted. Credit cards are smart like that.

Then another woman lines up behind me. Naturally, this is the only till open that's not 12 items or fewer and we're both waiting while the first woman keeps pissing around with stories about how it worked at Walmart and how she doesn't understand why it's not working and how she should check on how her work deposits cheques. Finally, finally she uses her debit card and finishes up.

Ok, so here's the thing, like, if my card were declined and if there were a bunch of people behind me waiting -- hell, even if there weren't a bunch of people waiting on me -- I'd use what I knew would work immediately instead of pissing around with a bunch of other cards that I think might work but I really have no idea. You know, cuz I'm courteous like that. I don't even want to hold up the cashier longer than necessary. I don't want to inconvenience her.

And if that weren't the icing on the cake with this woman, because up until now, I've been relatively fine with this whole thing. I've had the same problem, actually, when we just happened to go over because of plane tickets. It happens. I'm cool with that, but then she got even more ignorant.

As you know if you've ever been to Superstore regularly, there's a certain way to doing things. Hell, when I first started going there, I was crying about the whole bagging my own stuff situation and how it was too stressful until my mom explained the procedure. So. You have your stuff on one of the belts and you start bagging that shit, as soon as you can, before you pay so that by the time you have to pay, you only have a few items left which can quickly be bagged and you can move off the belt for the next person in line.

This woman had one entire belt filled with stuff and about a quarter of the other belt, and had not started bagging during this entire time. Like, who cares if you couldn't pay right away? Half that shit should have been in bags before you even got to that point. Also, who cares about all the stuff on your belt? Clearly the priority for you now is cleaning off my belt so I can get down there and start bagging my stuff. But when she finished bagging her shit on my belt do you think she moved it off my belt? Hell no. She just left it there and continued using my belt as a bagging station. Woman, you're really testing my patience now. I don't care how full your belt is, but obviously, I need this belt for my stuff now. You have a perfectly empty cart. Use that as a bagging station like the rest of us, take your bags off my damn belt, and put them in your damn cart, so I can be damn courteous to this woman behind me because suddenly, I'm feeling like the asshole here for holding her up.

Situations like this just baffle me. They baffle me. I have to analyze and figure out where the hell her brain was and why it wasn't as obvious to her as it should have been. I don't think I'll ever get people. Honestly. I really feel like I'm the only one out there that notices shit like this because it seems like everyone's like this. I just...gah. People! You know?

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Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

I so totally know what you mean. Whenever I go to superstore I get all wound up and ready to implode if anyone bugs me. I really wish I could be a jerk and have the courage to tell someone off when they don't get the hell out of my way so I can move my cart past them and start bagging my groceries like they're taking they're sweet time doing. Some people are ignorant, oblivious, self-centered or just plain dumb.