Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey, budgie. How you doin'?

It sounds like the Australian outback in here.

I found a recording of some budgies out in nature and our little guy got so excited! He started chirping and eating and doing all sorts of exciting bird-things (read: he finally woke up out of his coma). So I've had that on a constant loop since I found it. I figure it's better than leaving music on or trying desperately to strike up some sort of (awkward) conversation with him (to which he always responds with a blank stare and then goes back to sleep).


I turned it off for a moment so I could watch a video, and I swear. He looks up from his gravel, looks me right in the eyes and he's like, "chirrup?" like, where the hell did my budgies go, dude?! And I'm like, "I just wanna watch this music video for a second, ok?! Sheesh." (because I feel like I have to justify myself)

Budgies are high maintenance, I'm telling you.

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