Monday, March 1, 2010

wish list 2010

1. Sharpies. I use a Sharpie every day! They're my absolute favourite coloured pen. To have more colours...oh my, I'd be so happy!
More specifically, I've been eyeing this 24 pack of fine point tips in all the colours I currently don't have.

2. Subscription to (in order of like):
Frankie -- This is a super expensive subscription because it's from Australia (and only bi-monthly!), but of all the women's magazines I've found, I think they really have some great content (going off the website alone). (And that's why it's called a birthday present, right? This is definitely something I'd like to have but wouldn't buy for myself);
T-Post -- I just learned of this today! T-Post is a magazine that prints it's articles on the inside of t-shirts. The graphic on the t-shirt is inspired by the article and is designed by a different artist each month. This would be so fun to do for 6-12 months! What an extra special treat to get in the mail. It's been fun, T-Post, but I bid you adieu;
ReadyMade -- I was getting this one at Urban Outfitters on clearance, but I haven't seen it for a while. I don't know if it even ships to Canada anymore *sad face* but I love it's crafty/do-it-yourself content;
Under the Radar -- I was actually finding this indie music mag in Walmart for a while (would you believe it), but it's not there anymore (surprised?);
Lucky -- I used to read this one all the time when it had home stuff in it, but then I dropped it once Domino came out. It seems as though it's not going to bring back it's previously awesome home feature again, despite Domino folding, but it's still ok-ish;
Real Simple -- I buy this once in a while. It's got helpful articles on homemaking (cooking, cleaning). I don't love love it, but I've made some recipes out of it.

3. This adorable heart ring! We were so secretive and quiet about our wedding, that I didn't even think about looking for a ring that was extra special. In fact, at the time, I really wanted a simple gold band. Now that I've seen this ring, I much prefer it to my wedding ring. It's simple yet elegant. I'd wear this instead.

from Catbird

4. A bouquet of flowers. It's winter and I miss greenery. This house is new to us, the previous owners did squat with the yard, and I haven't done anything with the yard; therefore, there're no flowers outside for me to cut even during the summer. I'm having serious flower withdrawls. I don't care if it's fancy or from Safeway. I just want me some of that. (I also have an extensive vase collection and for what?!)

image via Design*Sponge

Or a large air plant I can hang up somewhere. I've always wanted one of those...
Or some cotton seeds! I saw them in a dried arrangement somewhere last year, and I thought they looked so posh and unique. I researched it then but completely forgot about it until now.

5. I used to have such a fixation on nail polish back in high school. Part of it was because it was helping me to stop biting my nails, and the other part was because cool colours other than red and pink were starting to show up everywhere. Recently, I found my bag of nail polishes (yes, I have a whole bag of them), and I went through it and got rid of the ones that were, uh, a little old and gross. There's still a few choices left, but I'd really like to update my colours. Right now, I'm digging yellow, grey-based colours (like grey-purple) and putty, just grey or mushroom colours. I was also super excited to learn that Essie has a top coat that turns any polish matte! I so need that. I'm in love with the matte finish! Now I see they also have a duo pack! One of their popular colours with the matte polish. I'm loving Chinchilly. It's mushroom grey! Check out this post from Lovelorn Unicorn and For Me For You. At Lovelorn Unicorn, you can see a pic of some great matte black polish, plus I freaking love all those shades (especially Moon Over Mumbai!), and For Me For You has some lovely grey-based shades featured.

6. I was in love with this silverware forever, so as a grown-up gift to myself, I bought the 20 piece set a few years ago. I absolutely love the way they feel in my hands. The weight and the shape is perfect. Anyway, shortly after that, I kept staring at the 45 piece silverware and serving set every time I could, trying to decide if I should buy it or not. Now that I've finally decided we really could use more than four forks and serving spoons would be pretty awesome, too, the store doesn't stock it anymore. They still have the 20 piece set in Loft, but the only 45 piece set they have is in a different pattern. Wuh wuhhhh. Just my luck, eh? (Have I ever mentioned how I don't like to buy things online? I can and I should, but I get entirely too nervous, squeamish, and scared to actually follow through. Hence why this item is totally within my reach, but completely not at the same time.)

7. OH More for the kitchen:
- Plate bowls. Not Martha explains better than I can. Yeah. Those. It seems funny to say, but there's been so many times when I've thought, "This meal would work best in a plate bowl. But I guess I have to choose, so I'll go"
- A waffle maker that actually produces something that looks like a waffle. We bought a cheap one just recently, and it was too shallow to put enough batter in, so the waffles would come out malformed and missing corners (limbs). Not to mention how inexcusably flat they were. Returned! I want a waffle iron that makes a nice thick waffle -- a Belgian waffle -- and I'd love one that cooks them fairly quickly, too. I really don't want to be standing in the kitchen making two waffles at a time for four hours.
- I spotted these measuring pours from Lee Valley Tools which I thought would be great to have. A couple of these would be so helpful when using olive oil and canola oil in cooking and baking. Two teaspoon measurements would make more sense than a tablespoon (or the multipack) because it gives more measuring options in the long run.
- A cake dome. Just an average, run-of-the-mill cake stand and cover. Every time I make a cake I wish I had one of these.

8. A pair of Toms canvas shoes. I love how they look -- in theory. So one caveat is that I want to be able to try them on before buying them, because I'm super weird and anal when it comes to how a shoe actually looks on my foot.
My love affair with grey continues.

9. A copy of Amelie. I don't own many of my all-time favourite movies. I own a lot of all-time favourite movies that my mom and I love or that IH and I love or ones my friends and I love (and quote repeatedly), and there's nothing wrong with that. I just would really love to own a movie that I enjoyed by myself and loved because I loved it, and I think I should start with this one. I would watch it again in a heartbeat.

10. A budgie bird! I used to have one when I was little. He was a green budgie named Scottie. He was my very first pet and I took him everywhere with me. By everywhere, I do mean everywhere! He came to the grocery store, he took baths with me, he ate with me at the kitchen table. There's no where I wanted to be if he wasn't there too. Because of all the human exposure, he very much thought he was human himself and even learned how to talk! I really wish I would have had the technology back then that we have now, because it would be so great to have a video or recording of him talking. I think it's pretty rare for budgie birds to learn words. Anyway, lately I've been thinking about getting one. A little someone to talk to and sing to during my day. I would love a larger cage for Hermes now, and I'd love to find one that's got good style. Obviously, it has to function, but I don't want some run-of-the-mill plastic cage. For example, Scottie's old cage had a Chinese-style peaked top that was bright orange and if I had that cage today, I'd spray paint it white and it would just be perfect! They don't make them like they used to, you know?

11. I super love this Threadless t-shirt design! It would look so cute under a cardigan!

Ohhhh Threadless also has a t-of-the-month club. I think getting anything other than bills and junk in the mail is clearly right up my alley.

12. Oh, Fred Flare! You have the neatest things! I think I'd make more brownies if I had this pan. That may or may not be a good thing.

13. This great sign! We usually don't bother answering the door, but it's still kinda freaky when the doorbell rings and we're not expecting anyone. We're weird like that.
from Anna317 found via Shelterrific

14. Remember jellies? My mom used to wear them all the time, but I was never keen on them (cuz I wasn't about to wear something my mom was wearing). Now they're back and I have a new found fondness for them. I'm especially in love with this pair!

found via Maquette

I got some! They don't look like this, but they are gladiator type and bubblegum pink. I never thought I'd wear bubblegum pink jelly sandals, but I actually do!

15. Japanese masking tape. Need I say more?

16. I love fancy tea towels! Right now, I have two and I only use them to cover rising bread. When they're not in use, I hang them on the wall like art. I would love anything from To Dry For, but this one would be especially appreciated:

17. Hello! Super huge fan of privacy window film, here.  I have it on the windows on my doors, the window in my kitchen (cuz I don't wanna stare at the neighbours while doing the dishes thank you very much), halfway up the windows in our bedroom, and I've cut out patterns from left over scraps and made up my own designs on the laundry room window. The problem is finding a pattern I actually like. That's where window film is really lacking. At least here, anyway. So Emma Jeffs creations are super cute and super amazing. Too bad she doesn't ship internationally yet. Oh well. Fingers crossed.

thanks to decor8 for finding it first!

Inspiration Pad at the TM Shop

I have a love/hate relationship with notebooks. I love how they look, but I hate writing in them. Or more specifically, I don't write in them. I think I'd have to come up with something to scribble into this one. If only to create interesting word patterns.

19. How cute would this bunny dish drainer be in my new kitchen? Too cute! I love it when cute and function come together!

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