Monday, May 31, 2010

more Domino inspiration

I love the bold use of colour

I love how rustic and unconventional this kitchen feels

I love how all the pieces in this dining room don't match and yet still feel very harmonious. I also love the random art in mismatched frames.

I love that sofa and coffee table. I just really love the overall feel of that whole room.

One thing I've started to notice as I've been going through my Dominos is that I really gravitate towards the quirky, unconventional, antique, and offbeat furniture and furniture arrangements. For example, something I realized I really want is mismatched chairs with my dining room table (I don't necessarily mean all different chairs, like in the examples above, but chairs that don't match with the table itself). I think I'm ok with the shape and line of the table, but I've just realized I've never liked the chairs.

I'm really starting to love the idea of wallpaper as a backsplash

we've been discussing the potential of turning the main floor living room into an office study-type lounge instead of having a 'formal' living room (that I almost guarantee we'd never use). The first Bookworm furniture setup makes me think that idea just might be possible afterall.

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Betty said...

I do love all the atmosphere in the living room, and the sofa is absolutely perfect. And I also like playing with the idea of wallpaper in the kitchen, but I don't see it in my own. Just let us know how developes your idea of the office study lounge, it seems a good option!