Friday, May 28, 2010

things I got for cheap

matching milk glass mixing bowls

I couldn't pass up another mixing bowl with a spout, now could I? It's always best to have at least two of every kitchen aid, am I right or what?

walnut side table (to paint or not to paint? that is the question)

thing I made for Hermes for cheap

yeah ok. Technically I didn't really make this nor did I even come up with the idea for it, but it broke my heart to see him sliding his beak aimlessly along the empty twist tie that holds this mirror in place (trust me. It was the most cheerless and melancholy beak-sliding I've ever seen). So I took a measly 5 minutes of my time and slid some beads on. Now he can do some work sorting out the colours and making them even on both sides like his other store-beaded mirror. (Which, by the way, I really hate esthetically. Who groups red, green, yellow, and purple together? No one, that's who. Hermes knows it's wrong, too. He always groups them either with the purple bead by itself, yellow and purple together, or yellow, purple, and green, but never ever red. He's got style, that one -- or I need to do something other than watch him slide his beads back and forth)

things I wish I could have gotten for cheap

this amazing plate-bowl. It's the most perfect plate-bowl I've ever seen AND it's not covered in some tacky pasta pasta mama mia! pattern. It's everything I've ever dreamt of!! (in a plate-bowl, of course) Why didn't I get it? There was only one, and I don't think it'd be fair to Idle Husband for me to be using my kick-ass plate-bowl all the time while he's left with some junky regular plate OR bowl (not two in one like mine, suckah! -- and that's exactly how I'd be about it, too).


Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

Omg milkglass! I'm jealous! That side table is pretty hot too by the way. I think you should totally paint it in some kick ass colour like yellow or aky blue or something. Take the plunge!

Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

gah. sky*

erika said...

Those milk glass bowls are beautiful - great find! And don't paint the table - the walnut is so pretty. I have never regretted not painting wood.