Monday, May 10, 2010

randomest random post of random junk

Gah. I'm kind of at a loss to say today. We had one of those ho hum weekends, and while I do have a post ready to go, things didn't pan out on the weekend in order for me to be able to post it. Blurgh.

Here's the low down on what we were up to this weekend:
- Idle Husband worked on his super exciting secret work project;
- I scanned the interwebs and finished them in all of an hour;
- we went to Michael's for a coupon sale, but we got there with 30 minutes remaining on the sale and I was all flustered trying to find everything I wanted. Finding specific craft junk in Michael's is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You might as well just resign yourself to the fact that you'll have to spend at least an hour in that swirling vortex of craft before you even find the aisle your thing maybe might be found in (and no, oddly enough, I don't remember even seeing one salesperson). I had two coupons, too, and I could have used them both and I didn't. In hindsight, I'm thinking like, why didn't I? I have nothing more to get there within the week now and I only ever go there once a year (if that. They're far too expensive, so I usually don't even consider them as a place to go for crafts);
- we were supposed to go out to dinner, but our plans were cancelled. So because of that, I had no idea what to make for us to eat and so we caved and bought premade burgers and fries...ok ok and greek chips again...from the Superstore. Do you know they sell skinny burger buns? They're buns, but they aren't so bun-y, they're thin and barely noticeable. I'm a complete carb-o-holic, but big thick bready buns really irritate me. The ratio of beef to bun is way too lopsided and all the filling always squishes out the back as soon as you bite in. Completely not the case with the skinny buns. Delish! I also got some gingerbeef which I didn't eat for dinner and I didn't really know when I'd eat it. I've just been wanting gingerbeef for so long and while it's not quite authentic coming prepackaged and cooked from the store, it's better than nothing (IH doesn't like chinese food, so I never get to have it anymore. Chinese food was like a staple in my family home). Note to self, find a makeable-for-me gingerbeef recipe;
- watched Battlestar Galactica. I'm not afraid to say that I'm getting a little hooked on it. I went from, oh gah that's even too nerdy for me to I think I'm enjoying this...yes, yes I'm enjoying this. Let's watch 5 more episodes in a row.
- Idle Husband worked on his super exciting secret work project;
- I did a quick clean of the house and all the dishes from the weekend (I take the weekend off from doing dishes usually) because we were expecting company and then were going out to lunch/dinner;
- company cancelled;
- since we thought we were eating out for lunch, neither of us had breakfast (plus we were seriously still full from dinner);
- we didn't know what to do with ourselves, so we went to see if we should upgrade the appliances in the new house (it's not really a big deal and we probably won't do it, but we just like looking into our options and making sure we have all the facts instead of just listening to whatever the builders tell us), but the guy who works with the builders doesn't work on the weekends. Do you think they had some sort of handout or something for us to look at? Nope. No, no Bob's the only one in the world that works on it. Heaven forbid anything should happen to Bob or that store would be completely lost if anyone should come in asking about switching appliances in a new build;
- Idle Husband was hungry, and I was too, but I was in one of those funky moods where I didn't know what I wanted to eat. Have you had those? They're the worst. So the whole time I was like, I just don't know! Pick something YOU want and I'll just eat that. I don't care. I have no opinion on it. If we go home, I don't know what to make. AGAIN I haven't thought up any type of meal. I haven't got anything out or anything that can be made really quick. I can't even think up meals in this mood. My mind goes food-blank;
- so we went to Superstore again and while looking at appliances we saw a picture of pancakes and sausages on a grill box and decided to make breakfast for lunch;
- the pancakes were good, but the sausages...well, I'm not a huge fan of sausages to begin with, but the cooking instructions required they be steamed and then fried, and they turned this awful shade of grey and frying them didn't manage to cook them all the way through, so we saved them until dinner where I finally resorted to using the microwave to finish them off (first time using the microwave to cook something in over a month). I didn't even want them anymore, so that's when I enjoyed my gingerbeef. Not 100% fanastic, but it was still pretty great (if you shut your eyes. They're not exactly visually appealing);
- more Battlestar Galactica
- bed

The moral of this weekend story? WE'RE STILL EATING LIKE COLLEGE MORONS AND/OR SAD BACHELORS. I can't stand it! Mind you, I didn't set out without a plan on purpose, our plans just got cancelled which kind of screwed us for eating. Anyway, I don't have to tell you, but we're both thinking about carrot sticks and apples and salads after that weekend. Terrible. We have to figure out how to get better at this!

Today I really wanted to work outside, but I decided I should finish up all my half-assed spring cleaning projects. I only cleaned half the fridge, half the oven, half the counter -- I don't know why I did it like that. I think I was just doing too many other things at the same time. Or I'm just really bad at coordinating (see above).

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