Wednesday, May 5, 2010

chocolate chip cookies

I had this insane craving for chocolate yesterday. Like, insane. I started a recipe for chocolate bread so while that was rising, I paced the kitchen trying to think of what more I could make. As long as that recipe included chocolate and if the result was something I could dip in melted chocolate, I'd be super happy. I really wanted to dip something, anything in melted chocolate.

I got to thinking about the last time I made my favourite chocolate chip cookie. I was too lazy to grind more oatmeal so I added in whole wheat flour instead. Needless to say, all that flour produced super dry and crumbly cookies. They were still edible (anything is edible as long as it's in some form of cookie dough), but they were messy to eat. So yesterday I thought I'd take that recipe and try to make it without the ground oatmeal (I hate having to dirty my food processor just to make chocolate chip cookies, anyway). I wanted to try making a semi-healthy cookie using only whole wheat flour (I realize I'd be negating the healthy aspect by dipping them in more chocolate. I see the dichotomy. I just like to play that game with myself, if you don't mind).

Things were going pretty well. I was eating chocolate chips by the handful (President's Choice semi-sweet chocolate chips taste so good raw -- better than any other semi-sweet chocolate chip I've ever had ever) and nibbling on dough spiked with chopped chocolate (it's important to note that at this time, this is all I'd had to eat all day). Then I baked them and that's when I realized I hadn't put enough flour in. So there. Failure cookies. That's what happens when you're lacking flour. And for whatever reason -- maybe because I had filled two more pans with little cookie dough balls already -- I was initially going to keep baking the bad dough. Then I thought, what the hell am I doing? I'm not really learning from this experience at all! So I scraped all my little cookie balls back in the bowl and added about half a cup more of flour (and nearly broke my wrist off mixing it in). And that's all it took for cookie win. Also, by that time, I was so sick from only eating chocolate chips, cookie dough, and failure cookies, I couldn't really eat the good ones and I definitely couldn't bring myself to dip them into melted chocolate either. That idea's going to stick around for another day.

Here's the results of the chocolate bread. When I tasted it, I was so over the chocolate thing that it tasted just...all right to me. I didn't really like it that much, honestly. But I think I was pretty biased on chocolate by that time because Idle Husband thought it was great (and I was pretty sure he wouldn't like it since it seemed to have a pretty dark chocolate taste to it).

I can safely say, though, that I won't make it again. Not because of taste, but for the amount of waiting I had to do for only one loaf. You know I don't mind waiting for bread to rise, but for whatever reason it seems kind of time wasteful to wait on only one loaf -- and it's one loaf that's not going to be as versatile as plain bread. That being said, I kinda hope it makes it to the weekend. I'm starting to think this would make pretty wicked french toast...or that could be a really super terrible idea...

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Lindsey @ Hot Polka Dot said...

I think french toast with chocolate bread sounds yummy. I hope you try it.