Friday, January 29, 2010

Can I decorate YOUR house?

Is it wrong that we've only been in this house for under two years and I already want to repaint it? I think I have an addiction to decorating.

Lately, I've been thinking about different colours and, uh, kinda hating the colours I have here now. Well maybe hating is too strong a word, but I'm growing bored of the look. What I did here is mostly in the blue category. Our living room/dining room is painted in a teal colour.

The colour really changes depending on the light, doesn't it?

The entries (both back and front) are in a light grey. Our bedroom is in that same light grey.

The front entry.

The office is a sky blue.

You get office colour, floor colour, AND door colour all in one pic!

And the kitchen and bathroom are a shade of barely noticeable off-white with all the doors painted a really dark blue-grey. This arrangement works really nicely, don't get me wrong, it really does. I'm just bored of it already. It's not enough to just rearrange the furniture anymore, apparently. I want to get in with a brush.

The colours I'm feeling really drawn to right now are shades of green, brown, dark grey (almost black), and yellow.

Love: Pale avocado, sempervivum, park cactus, honeydew flesh, pea pod, marjoram, green leaf

Love: Green pear, olive butter, chameleon green, white lemon

Love Gazelles of the desert, homespun cotton, cotton duck, portobello, oyster mushroom, medieval manuscript
(paint colours from Sico -- the easiest website I found for getting a bunch of colour choices fast, but I have my own fandeck here -- I told you I'm hooked! -- so I'd go off of that in real life)

I would really like to redo the flooring, too, and get rid of this stupid yellow-toned wood laminate and put in something dark brown. Maybe not laminate. I'm starting to really hate laminate (but maybe it's because the previous owners didn't install it properly). And we desperately need to get rid of the awful rug in the living room/dining room because it's just awful. Who likes wall-to-wall carpeting anymore? And further more, who likes it light toned and really plush AND in your dining room. Worst place for a carpet ever? Maybe bathroom comes in first on that one (and yes, I've seen homes with carpeting in the bathroom before).

Speaking of bathrooms, we really need to redo ours. Mostly because we were told there was some slight water damage going on behind the tiles because they weren't sealed properly when they were installed. I don't know if I'd want to retile though. Maybe...I can't decide. But if I did, I'd go with white subway tile. I really love the look of that and I love keeping everything white in a bathroom because I love how white makes everything feel really clean. Plus it's easier to change out your style with accessories than having to rip out seriously outdated tile every 10 years.

Browny wispy tile with shiny gold and brown accent tiles anyone? Oh and I really love the scalloped soap holders they placed right in the middle of the wall (aka shoulder/elbow smashers).

And as much as I hate IKEA, I really love some of their kitchen designs. I'd probably keep everything white in there as well. I've always found that dark cabinets really make a room dark (even if that room has a lot of light coming in).
This is almost exactly how our kitchen layout is now, except the sink is where the oven is and the oven is where the sink is. Fancy that!

I love how open this is!

I adore the white with the dark wood top!

The only dark wood cabinets I did like. I think paired with white upper cabinets or shelving (like they did here) is the only way dark wood doesn't look dark and gloomy. Instead it kinda grounds everything.
(all pics from IKEA, duh)

There's my house wishlist 2010. I really like that we bought an older house that has so much potential. We can make this house whatever we want, and I like that idea. It's almost too easy to just go and buy a house that was built a month ago and there's absolutely nothing you really have to do to it...though, that's kinda appealing in it's own way, too...haha

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