Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Now I feel like I have to finish cleaning that box out.

Mmm carroty

I made carrot soup last night. I got the idea here but didn't quite use her recipe right to the letter. Like, when do I ever use anyone's dinner recipe exactly? The only things I follow exactly are baking/dessert things, everything else is a free-for-all. Anyhoo, I just went on her method and the results were fantastic! It really reminds me of that time I made sweet potato soup, and it tasted so good with cranberry sauce dolloped in there. So after providing Idle Husband with some bread and condiments as a side, I gambled and discovered that this soup tastes really nice with a drizzle of honey. It sounds weird, but it works. What did I change?
The liquids: I made my own chicken stock with the carcass from our dinner the night before (and some other bones I had frozen previously), and I used light cream (no cornstarch, it was thick enough after that).
The spices: I didn't have marjoram, thyme, or parsley. Ah well. I used ginger, salt/pepper, vegetable seasoning, obvs the spices from the chicken stock, maybe nutmeg? I can't really remember right now. I just thought about spices that work in a carrot cake and used my brain that way.
Have you tried vegetable seasoning? Uh, specifically Club House vegetable seasoning? I put that shit on everything. Meat, salads, soups, sweet potato fries, baked into bread...It's only the best stuff ever. It makes everything taste just that much better. I swear.

There's plenty of soup leftover (even though I'm pretty sure I didn't end up with 6 cups of stock) and I feel like I should freeze it...but I had it for lunch today and I kinda wanna have it for lunch tomorrow, too.

On an unrelated note:
I accidentally took that soup photo without the memory card in and as soon as I found out, I was instantly pissed off. I had to go through THE BOX OF CORDS. Seriously. Does your husband do this? We have two bags of random cords in our storage room ("but what if I need them at some point in the future?" he says), and then I put all the useful charging cords in our office in a nice box. That I organized. Wrapping the cords neatly et cetera. I don't know how it became THE BOX OF CORDS FROM HELL, but it did. Anyway, amazingly, I found the cord that connects my camera to the computer in less than 5 minutes. I think the cord angels were smiling down on me.

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