Monday, January 18, 2010


Hate: juice crystal singles. Who the hell thought this environmentally-retarded idea up?
Love: juice crystal packages -- the large ones for making a whole jug. Please make them with all the flavours at some point in time, companies -- you know who you are. The fact that all the good flavours are in the singles ticks me right off.

On an unrelated note:
I tasted the Chinese food from The Lingnan over the weekend. I was so engrossed with this family during the last season of Family Restaurant that I just had to try them out. We ordered in since it's so far away from us, but because of our distance, we had to order at least $70 worth of food in order for them to deliver. Great. And I only really wanted to try three dishes max. Good thing my mom was there and was super excited to try other stuff out. I was super excited when I found myself ordering from Amy herself. She's too funny and super great to talk to, actually. I can see why she's got such a devoted following.

The food was kind of...unimpressive. I mean, it was typical Chinese food fare and when I realized that, my enthusiasm dropped dramatically. When we ordered, we ordered things like Sum Gum Goo Lo Pork and Singapore Noodles which turned out to be sweet and sour pork and those thin yellow noodles you find everywhere. Ho hum. These were all items I wouldn't choose for myself at a buffet-style Chinese restaurant. Two dishes I felt like I had to try were the Dry Spicy Chicken and the Kung Pao Chicken. The DS Chicken wasn't spicy at all, but salty instead. It was still good, crispy and golden. Not as exciting as the show lead me to believe, though. The KP Chicken was spicy. Not super spicy, but it did have you grabbing for something to drink (Amy sent the regular KP since she knew it was my "first time"). I liked it, but the vegetables (boo to sliced celery over and over again) weren't very interesting.

Anyway, we probably won't do it again but mostly because of their distance from us and because Idle Husband does not like Chinese food at all. I knew he wasn't fond of it, but I also knew he hadn't really had it before, so I tried to choose things he might like. He picked around and ate a little of the meat, a lot of the dry spicy chicken, but otherwise, I ended up being stuck with enough leftovers to feed a small village. Le sigh. As the only leftover eater in the house, there's only so much sauced vegetables I can take in a week, you know?

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