Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm still waiting for my damn response, Fage!

Remember my juice crystal rant? (how could you not? it was yesterday)

Well, I decided to go one step further, so I went to the website, ready to send them a rather unhappy email about my juice predicament (as I did once to Fage Greek yogurt. I think it's vastly unfair that countries such as America and everywhere else get to enjoy this product but Canada, and I also find it super stupid cuz hello! We're about as multi-cultural as any country could ever get! Why isn't Greek yogurt represented?). Kraft didn't have an email (surprise surprise), but they did have a facebook fan page.

Ah ha! I became a fan just to send them this message and literally, the next day, I got a response back:

Finally! After going for years suffering with this plight, someone had to do something. It's the little things that make everything better for everyone, you know.

So, in conclusion, you're welcome, world.

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