Sunday, January 10, 2010

Will things ever return to normal?!

I was all set to pop up some Greece photos here yesterday, honestly, I was! I meticulously went through about 400 of them and started picking out the best of the best. Well, that was Friday, anyway. Saturday early morning (like 3 a.m.), Idle Husband woke up with terrible stomach pains and after some convincing, I managed to get him to the emergency room. After being there until about 4 in the afternoon, we finally started to get some answers. His gall bladder was inflamed and had to be removed. Don't worry, he's already had his surgery (quite speedily, too) and he's home resting comfortably! I just have to say, Canadian hospitals and doctors know how to get it done. I can't thank them enough for actually taking the time to figure out what's been causing IH's stomach so much pain for so long. And thank god for health care, too. I don't know why some Americans are so against it.

Here's an idea: IH had a stomach episode when he visited the states for a conference about 2 years ago. He had to go to the ER. They had no idea what was wrong with him. They did no tests. They gave him Pepsid AC (what's that? $7.99 at the drugstore?) and sent him home with a bill of about $800.

We got to the emergency room. About 30 minutes after arriving, we were in and they were getting pain killers into him. They took blood. They took x-rays. They took an ultrasound. Discovered the problem. By 8 p.m. he was in surgery. He stayed the night, had a nice breakfast. I picked him up and brought him home today by noon with a bill of $0.

We're so lucky to be Canadians. I will gladly put up with a little snow and cold temperatures just to have emergencies like that taken care of thankyouverymuch.

I'm going to spend today babying him (like a proper wife), and I promise there'll be pictures tomorrow!

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