Monday, April 26, 2010


With the knowledge of having more decorating on the horizon (hurrah!), this weekend I decided to pull out my old Domino magazines and start researching. Is anyone else super sad that they folded like I am? What a shame. Especially given what decorating magazines did make it through. Domino was the only one that actually packed itself with vibrant stories and ideas and resources. Anything I've tried since their untimely demise, I find too heavy with advertisements and old fashioned fuddy-duddy thinking.

I really like a lot of the ideas in this particular issue. Especially the prospect of black walls in the bedroom. I don't know if I'd go black, but maybe a dark grey or chocolate. I think darker walls would lend themselves so well in the bedroom, providing an instant cozy, nesty feeling.

It doesn't look dark at all because of the white trim, ceiling, and accents.

Anyway I still have tons more magazines to pour through and I'm kind of considering buying their decorating book. In the meantime, here are some online sources I've found very inspiring.

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