Friday, April 23, 2010

found: the coolest cookie cutters that ever existed ever

$1.99 buys a lot of happiness, my friends

To her credit, T actually stumbled on them and brought them to my attention as a joke. I don't think she realized I would think that finding this was right up there with discovering gold  in your backyard or a new planet or whatever else you'd discover that would blow your mind away. I don't think she realized I would immediately snatch them away from her and buy them myself. (To be honest, there was a point there where I really didn't know if she intended to buy them at all. We kind of stood there laughing about it then I asked her if she was going to carry them around with her or what, because if she wasn't about to, I totally would because leaving the store without either of us having them wasn't an option. I've since apologized profusely about buying them out from under her nose, and we're totally going to share them.) These have now given me a new purpose. A reason to master the rolled cookie dough that I absolutely hate and have never had any success with ever, and piped icing which I've never even done (I'm sure it's got disaster written all over it); but these cookie cutters can't languish in a drawer, they have to be used and celebrated and enjoyed and laughed about! Next week, I'm making Hulk Hogan and Macho Man cookies come hell or high water!

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