Tuesday, April 13, 2010

well that's quite juvenile and uncalled for

Remember when I said our fence fell down? Well, this is what we've been looking at, minus the caution tape, for the last few weeks. I would go out and try to fix it like I've done in the past, but because of the slope and the elevation of their yard in comparison to our yard, it's nearly impossible for me to do. I'm about 5'5" and the fence is about 8' when I'm standing on the ground beside it. So for me to pull it upwards and back towards our property is like working up a flight of stairs holding something far to high and far too heavy for me above my head. It's a real arm breaker. I stretched my shoulders out way too much the last time I tried and that's when it was only slightly tipped, not fully laying down like it is now. (And don't think I'm wussing out on fixing something. I can fix a fence, damn it. I've built miles of barbed wire fences. That shit don't scare me.)

It's bad enough with the huge motorhome we've been staring at since we moved in and the fact that we get more of an eyefull with the fence down, but now I have to stare at caution tape, too? I came back from my walk this afternoon to find the fence wrapped with it. They have kids and a dog so I kinda feel like it's more their responsibility than it is ours to fix, because they have things in their yard that can escape (and I presume they don't want them to escape). But maybe we should just bite the bullet and fix it already. I think they've made it quite clear that they can't handle themselves as responsible adults anyway.

p.s. Their motorhome is a permanent fixture in their yard. I remember when we first moved in, I thought that it would go out for the May long weekend and it didn't. Then I thought it would go out for the next long weekend and it didn't. It's never gone anywhere ever plus they've added a second one. I don't get why people collect motorhomes they never use. Have you noticed this? Mom has neighbours that have a bunch of campers in their yard, too. What's the reasoning behind it? I don't understand with the price of a motorhome and the price of the gas to fill it up and everything that you'd want to even own a motorhome to use let alone just to keep in your yard. Why wouldn't you rent one if you wanted to take a motorhome holiday? And why would you buy one if you never intended to go on any motorhome vacations in the first place? People. I'll never understand 'em.

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