Saturday, April 17, 2010


I love chasing a post about eating correctly with a gushing review for chips! Most excellent! Well, stupid Superstore sent me an email about their no G.S.T. whatever event this Saturday and Sunday only. Which only mildly pissed me off having just returned from getting groceries Friday morning (and I had to buy meat, too, you bastards). Anyway, I didn't buy chicken because my usual 3 pack of fresh chickens wasn't as cheap as I would have liked, and I sadly lamented not having any chicken in the house to Idle Husband later on when he got home. So even though we don't usually venture into the Superstore on the weekend (danger danger!), he suggested we get some today while still slightly benefiting from the no tax business. Naturally, we were hungry and were eyeing the healthy chips when I remembered I had spotted these Greek flavoured chips a while ago. Approximate reenactment:
Idle Wife: ZOMG! I saw Greek flavoured chips today! I wonder how they'd taste! We have to try them!
Idle Husband: Well. Did you buy them?
Idle Wife: No. Of course not.
Idle Husband: That makes sense.
All right, so I really hope you have a Superstore in your immediate area because you have to go get these chips right now! They were so delicious! I think they might be our new favourite chip and we've always been pretty devoted to Miss Vickie's kettle chips, never ever straying from that choice. We devoured pretty much the whole thing on the way home (ripping open the bag to finish it off as soon as we got in the door). It's nice that this bag comes with an easy open tab and even a ziplock closure but who's actually able to keep some for later? They have a really tangy taste to them. You can taste the olive-y, oregano flavour but it's not super strong, there's just enough of the salty feta vibe, plus there's a creamy, cheesy aftertaste (I'm not even going to mention that it was only $1.49, either). It's very addictive and yummalumma! (I have no idea why I started saying that but now I can't stop. Stupid annoying catch phrase.)

In other news: It's frickin' gorgeous today! (except for the wind wuh wuh) First day of the season without a jacket! Can you believe it? We wore them out, but we were barely in the car 5 minutes when we had to take them off or risk cooking to death. Apparently, it's supposed to rain tomorrow which would be good cuz it's super dry out. Have I mentioned how much I hate the wind? There's nothing quite like the feeling of grit in your teeth after having leftover snow dust blown into your face.

the backyard's pretty cute looking if you use super macro zoom on your camera

I actually spent some time looking out at the backyard today, and as I forced myself to avoid eye-contact with the motorhome, I noticed a ton of these blue flowers had opened! I have no idea what they are (I could probably take 5 minutes and look them up, but meh), but they're super pretty and all around the rock 'garden' a previous owner had attempted. Such a welcome pop of colour. Gasp! I should go cut some for a tiny bouquet!

Happily, the rhubarb T gave me last year (that I unceremoniously plunked in whatever part of the ground I could actually dig into), has survived! There's a big Jehovah's Witness building on the corner that we always have to drive by, and last year I noticed they had used rhubarb as part of their landscaping. I thought that was so clever! Rhubarbs don't have to be relegated to the vegetable garden or the back of the yard away from sight! I wish I had thought of that! Now I don't look at the rhubarb as just an eating plant, but as nice greenery, too. Years down the line, it should be able to grow to a large bush size and provide colour and texture while giving us yummy stalks for crisps and crumbles. Brilliant. (I feel like a PSA for rhubarbs now. "Buy yours today!")

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