Wednesday, April 21, 2010

big news, everyone!

Idle Husband and I are building a new house! Can you believe it? I can't believe it. I think I'm still in a bit of shock cuz everything happened so fast and unexpectedly! Literally, one minute we were driving around, just checking out our area, and the next thing I knew, we had picked out a new house! So after stewing on this for almost a month now, we've made concessions and come to agreements and we're now making the final decisions before the house starts being constructed.

Anyway, we had to choose the colour of the exterior and we had to make the decision in, like, a day which wasn't what we expected, so I spent most of yesterday combining colours on the builder's design website.

Black Trim Options
we preferred B and C here

White Trim Options
we didn't mind F and G here
(I couldn't come up with any other white trim combos I particularly liked so decided to try grey trim in H)

The only problem I could see was that the roof colour we were allowed to have seemed a lot browner on the website than I remembered. I thought the real life sample was more black than brown. So with that in mind, we decided we'd go with colours B if the roof was more black and C if the roof was more brown.

Then we drove over to the show home to double check the colours with the roof sample only to find that none of the colours we chose from the website matched any of the samples. In fact, some of the names weren't even there, so essentially all my stewing about colour was for nothing because we had to scrap our choices and pick them all new from the samples available.

The colours we chose are:
  • olive grey siding (light pasty green grey)
  • weathered grey shakes (medium grey tone)
  • black trim
  • tropical blue door (just what you'd expect but seriously the best choice from what was there)
  • driftwood roofing (which was a blacker brown with little specks of green/blue that seem to completely match the siding colour) 
I was trying to find colours similar to those on the website so I could get an idea of the look, but nothing really comes close to the olive grey; and since that's the most dominant colour, it kinda defeats the purpose of making up a pretend picture. I'm kinda nervous about the door colour mostly. When choosing colours on the website things always seemed to look better if the door matched the shakes or if the shakes matched the siding. That doesn't happen at all in this yeah. They look good together as chips but will they look good together as house?

Next decision is the interior colours, but strangely enough, I think we've already got a pretty good handle on those. 


Deborah said...

But wait, aren't you going to miss that rv thing next door? haha, totally kidding and totally congratulations!!

GALaxy said...

Thanks! Actually, I AM going to miss that ol' RV son-of-a-gun! So I'm going to get one of my pictures and blow it up big enough to fit in one of the windows on the back of the new house. It'll be like we never left! haha!