Tuesday, April 13, 2010

If I could crave salads that would be a perfect world, wouldn't it?

Yesterday, I really wanted lemon squares. Just the taste of lemon in something, that's all I wanted. So Idle Husband convinced me to go ahead and make a batch around 9:30 last night. After making the crust, baking it, then making the filling, and popping the whole lot in the oven for another round of 20 minutes, I was too tired to bother with them anymore. So once they were done, they sat out and cooled and neither of us had a bite.

This morning, I thought that since I didn't have anything prepared for breakfast (I usually make some baked oatmeal and eat it all week), I would have a nice lemon square. They looked so lemony and delicious and perfect for breakfast! One square later, and I realized that I didn't want it at all.

I'm having this issue with sweets that I can't put my finger on right now. I crave them, I really do, but once I have them I feel like that's not what I was actually craving, and I'm kinda disgusted at even having made and eaten it in the first place. I don't know what that's all about but I wish it would stop. I think I've realized now that I don't really want sugar ever, so let's just bypass that whole notion and get to what it is I really want.

Anyway, after not satisfying myself with the lemon squares this morning, I promptly cut them into tiny bite sized pieces and packaged them up so they're ready to head to IH's work tomorrow. I don't know if announcing that lemon squares are available for consumption will be as successful as the green velvet cupcakes were, but oh well. I certainly don't want any more, so someone might as well enjoy them.

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