Thursday, April 8, 2010

and then the storm clouds rolled in

It was so nice this morning, and then almost instantly, the house got dark and the wind picked up. I hope for rain, but it is still April so snow wouldn't be entirely out of the question. It figures because Idle Husband had a headache today and yesterday. We knew something was coming.

Anyway, I'm super craving chocolate so instead of doing what I want to do -- drive over to Walmart and spend $20 on clearance Easter candy -- I decided to make chocolate chip cookies. If the bad stuff's made at home, with real ingredients, it's considered semi-good for you, right? I even ran out of ground oatmeal and was too lazy didn't want to dirty up the food processor, so I used whole wheat flour instead. That evens out the effect of the chocolate, right?

I think my craving for chocolate chip cookies started because of this:

In other news: I finished my dresser! Well...sorta. My plan for lining the drawers didn't quite work out, but I'll try again another day. This project frayed my last nerve and all I've wanted was to see the drawers in the dresser again. Le sigh. I'm really happy with how it turned out, though!

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